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A Free Interactive Plotly R Tutorial

Master Plotly's R package and create stunning visualizations.
Nov 2016  · 1 min read

Did you know last month over 23,000 (!) R enthusiasts directly downloaded the Plotly R package?

In case you were not one of them, the Plotly package is one of the best R tools to create beautiful, interactive data visualizations as proven by these examples. That’s why we sat together with our friends at Plotly and created a free coding course that teaches you the essentials of the Plotly R package.

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Both beginners and experts will be challenged by the hands-on, interactive tasks and exercises in this course. You’ll start with creating basic bar and box plots and eventually work your way up to using Plotly’s R package to make interactive heatmaps, geographic map visualizations, and sliders. We’ll even teach you a neat trick for turning static ggplot2 visualizations into interactive Plotly visualizations with just one line of code (supercool!).   

No time to lose. Start today!

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