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From upskilling to portfolio curation, discover how our learners are utilizing the DataCamp Workspace to upskill themselves & their teams.
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Data Science

The Past, Present, And Future of The Data Science Notebook

This article looks at the past, present, and future of data science notebooks, from their original development to exciting new innovations.

Adel Nehme

July 7, 2022


Using DataCamp Workspace in the Classroom

Improve your students’ data literacy by working on collaborative data science projects.
Javier Canales Luna 's photo

Javier Canales Luna

April 21, 2022

Data Science

What is Kaggle?

Learn what Kaggle is and why it is one of the most popular platforms for data scientists. Get answers to Kaggle's most frequently asked questions.
Çağlar Uslu's photo

Çağlar Uslu

March 16, 2022

Life at DataCamp

Bridging the Communications Gap with Data Literacy

Marc Wintjen, Bloomberg’s Risk Analytics Architect and author of Practical Data Analysis using Jupyter Notebooks, will join us this 5th of August to discuss how the key principles to building data literacy in your organization can empower your team to make better and informed decisions.
Data Science

DataCamp/Coiled Live Coding: Data Science and Machine Learning at Scale

Learn how to scale your data science and machine learning work to larger datasets and larger models, using the Python tools and APIs you love.
Data Science

Project Jupyter and Interactive Computing (Transcript)

Learn about data science, interactive computing, open source software, and Project Jupyter.
Hugo Bowne-Anderson's photo

Hugo Bowne-Anderson

October 15, 2018