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DataChats: A Presentation by Eric Ma

Gabriel de Selding,
March 10, 2017 min read
Eric Ma gives a talk entitled Networks, Networks, Everywhere! He discusses what Networks are, and how they solve interesting problems in the world.

Hi everyone, we just released episode 13 of our DataChats video series.

In this episode, we interview Eric Ma. Eric uses code to solve big biological data problems at MIT. His tools of choice are deep learning, network analysis, non-parametric and Bayesian statistics. domain expertise in life sciences: molecular biology, microbiology, genetics and genomics, and a bit of ecology. He has given workshops on Network Analysis at PyCon, PyData, ODSC and beyond! Check out his course Network Analysis in Python (Part 1).

Here Eric presents about the way he uses networks to solve influenza problems. He answers what are the fundamentals of networks, and gives non-intuitive ways networks have been used to solve issues around the world.



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