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Enter the #DataFramedChallenge for a chance to be on an upcoming podcast segment.

DataCamp has a podcast challenge to get you on a podcast segment.
Dec 2018  · 1 min read

We’ll be back with Season 2 early in 2019 and to keep you thinking, curious and data focused in between seasons, we’re having a DataFramed challenge. The winner will get to join me on a segment here on DataFramed: the challenge is to listen to as many episodes as you can & to tweet excerpts that you find illuminating to @DataCamp, @hugobowne & the relevant guest using the hashtag #DataFramedChallenge.

At the start of Season 2, we’ll randomly select the sender of one of these tweets to chat with Hugo on a podcast segment. The more tweets you send, the more chances you'll have to win. Don't just tweet the same quotation more than once as we'll delete duplicates ;).

You can find the podcast episodes on DataCamp, YouTube, and iTunes.

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