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Get a Data Science Job with DataCamp & Springboard

Weston Stearns,
September 18, 2017 min read
Discover how Springboard and DataCamp are joining forces to get aspiring data scientists just like you a job in data science.

DataCamp and Springboard are coming together to advance learning and career outcomes for aspiring data scientists!

Joining forces was an obvious choice. Springboard’s human-centered approach to online learning perfectly complemented DataCamp’s expertise in interactive learning exercises. Together, we’ve created the Data Science Career Track, the first mentor-led data science bootcamp to come with a job guarantee.

Each student in the Data Science Career Track will be assigned a personal industry mentor who’ll advise them on technical skills, project execution, and career advancement. Springboard’s expert-curated data science curriculum will be paired with DataCamp’s interactive exercises for a seamless learning experience. Finally, a career coach will work with students on interview skills, resume building, and personalized job searches to help them find the ideal data science position.

The course is selective: about 18% of applicants are allowed to enroll after going through the admission process.

For eligible students, the course guarantees that you’ll find a job within six months after graduation or your money back.

For a limited time only (until October 16th), you can use the code LOVEDATA to get $200 off of the Data Science Career Track. Click here for more information.