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New Course: Intermediate R Programming Training Course

Karlijn Willems,
June 4, 2015 3 min read
Learn how to write better and more advanced R code for your daily data analysis tasks with DataCamp's intermediate R course.


Today the course creation team at DataCamp released a new online R tutorial called Intermediate R. It is the sequel to our infamous Introduction to R tutorial that has been taken by over 60,000 R enthusiasts. This new tutorial combines short videos with in-browser coding exercises to increase your R knowledge even more.

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What you'll learn

The 6 hour Intermediate R tutorial is the logical next stop on your journey in the R programming language. In five chapters, each with short videos and challenging coding exercises inside your browser, you learn how to write better and more advanced R code for your daily data analysis tasks. Get a taste of conditionals and control flow in R, discover how and when to make use of the for and while loop, and get yourself familiar with writing your own functions in R.

Laptop interface

After mastering the above topics, the tutorial continues with the apply family. Functions like lapply, sapply and vapply might seem hard to understand in the beginning, but once you master them they will become part of your daily routine for sure. This tutorial will take you step-by-step through the different members of the apply family and you will learn how to use them efficiently and effectively.

Having a solid knowledge of a wide range of R functions will definitely give you a competitive edge. That's why the final part of the tutorial focuses less on programming concepts and more on what functions to use when facing common data science challenges. For example, learn how to make use of regular expressions in R to filter out certain observations, or discover how you can user R to analyze times and dates.

intermediate R

For those of you that are interested in earning a certificate we have some good news. Once you have finished the tutorial, you will earn a statement of accomplishment that you add directly to your linkedIn profile.

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