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New Course: R Data Visualization with ggplot2 - Part 2

Karlijn Willems,
March 16, 2016 min read
Discover more about our new course “Data Visualization with ggplot2 - Part 2”, where you'll take the step from exploratory to explanatory data visualization.

In our second course on ggplot2 “Data Visualization with ggplot2 (2)”, you will take the step from exploratory to explanatory data visualization. In five chapters, you’ll get to know more ggplot layers and tools needed to create excellent visuals that can be used in many different cases.

Begin learning Data Visualization with ggplot2 interactively, today.

What you’ll learn

This 5 hour course builds on the knowledge of our first course on ggplot2 and covers the topics below:

  • Chapter 1: Learn how to use ggplot2 as a tool for graphical data analysis by applying a variety of statistical methods.

  • Chapter 2: Get to know the Coordinates and Facets layers to make your plots easier to read and understand.

  • Chapter 3: Learn all about adding and adapting themes to make publication quality plots directly in R.

  • Chapter 4: Discover the best and worst types of visualizations for particular scenarios to make your message as clear as possible.

  • Chapter 5: Combine everything you’ve learned in a step-by-step case study. Using real data, you develop mosaic plots by combining statistics and flexible visuals.

Enjoy! Start Course.