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What is DataCamp?

Learn the data skills you need online at your own pace—from non-coding essentials and Google Spreadsheets to Python, R, and SQL.

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Why now for Just IT?

Hands-on learning experience

Grow your data skills with short video tutorials and hands-on coding exercises.

Choose your own learning path

Choose from over 350 courses or enroll in Just IT's custom learning paths to to gain a base understanding of topics which will then be supported and built on by our trainers in a workshop setting.

Flexible online training for every apprentice

Grow your skills with data-oriented assessments, courses, projects, and practice exercises in Python, R, SQL, Excel, Python, Tableau, Oracle, Power BI, data engineering, and more.

No installation required—run code from your browser

All learning and interactive exercises run in your browser. That means you can grow your skills through hands-on exercises, anytime, anywhere.

Learn from the best instructors

DataCamp provides Just IT with unlimited access to the leading minds in technology, data science, business, and academia.

Collect rewards as you learn

From data concepts to coding, every training is interactive. As you complete hands-on exercises in browser, you'll receive real-time feedback, and collect XP every time you make progress.

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