Data Analyst (Python route) Track

This track gets progressively more challenging and we recommend completing the tasks and training in the order below.

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Data Analyst Learning Track


Data Analyst | 1 Python Introduction

About this course

This track provides an introduction to Python for data analysis, and is the starting point for those interested in focusing on Python. No prerequisite knowledge is expected.

39 hours

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Data Analyst | 2 Intermediate Python

About this course

This is a continuation of the Year 1 Python for data analysis track. Building upon concepts from the previous track, the focus of this track is on data wrangling, data cleaning, and statistics.

37 hours

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Data Analyst | SQL Fundamentals

About this course

NB If you are completely new to SQL you will need to complete this short (13 hour) course first in Data and Business Analyst SQL Fundamentals

13 hours

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Data Analyst | 3 Data Manipulation in SQL

About this course

This track is a continuation of the SQL Fundamentals track, and is appropriate for anyone looking to further develop their SQL skills. It is part of both Routes I and II.

36 hours

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Data Analyst | 4 Machine Learning and Geospatial Data with Python

About this course

This track introduces machine learning with Python and includes courses on how to work with geospatial data. Prior experience programming in Python is expected, as well as a foundational knowledge of statistical concepts, equivalent to having completed the "Year 2: Python for Data Analysis" track.

33 hours

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Data Analyst | 5 Machine Learning with Python (Intermediate)

About this course

This track focuses on intermediate-level topics in machine learning, and is designed to be a continuation of the Year 4: Machine Learning Fundamentals with Python track.

28 hours

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Data Analyst | 6 Network Analysis and Natural Language Processing in Python

About this course

This track consists of Python projects and case studies, intended to help you further strengthen the Python skills you acquired in previous tracks.

12 hours

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Data Analyst | 7 – Introduction to Deep Learning and Computer Vision in Python

About this course

The focus of this track is on helping you strengthen your Python skills by working on a variety of different projects. You'll also learn about deep learning and how to work with image and text data.

24 hours

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