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Data Engineer Certification

Certify Your Skills, Get Hired

Get ready for your new career as a Data Engineer. With DataCamp's Associate Data Engineer Certification, you can gain the confidence you need to start your new data role.

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Language: English
Programming languages: SQL & Python
Price: $25 per month (included in our Premium Subscription)
Levels: Associate
Data Engineer Certification

About this Certification

Since being named the fastest-growing tech occupation in 2020's DICE Tech Job Report, this role has grown exponentially as we've entered a data-driven era.

Data engineers are responsible for the collection, storage and pre-processing of data. They need to ensure that the right data is available to the right individuals in an organization in a format that is easily accessible and usable.

A large part of the role requires working with databases, so strong ability in managing data in SQL is a must. Data engineers also need to be skilled programmers in at least Python, though some more experienced roles will require additional programming languages such as Scala.

Our Data Engineer Associate Certification verifies that you have acquired the knowledge and skills expected of entry-level data engineers. The process consists of two timed exams that assess you on data management and exploratory analysis using SQL, and programming for data engineering using Python. You'll also complete a practical exam based on real-world scenarios to demonstrate your ability to perform data extraction, cleaning tasks, and validation tasks, and assess data quality, similar to what you'd experience if you were interviewing for a data engineer role.

Data Engineer Certificate

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Prove Your Data Engineering Knowledge

You've taken the courses. You've mastered the skills. Now, prove your data engineering knowledge with DataCamp's industry-recognized certification.

Our Data Engineer Associate Certification shows prospective employers you have what it takes to begin your career as a data engineer. You'll complete exams covering:

Exploratory Analysis Theory
Data Management Theory
Data Management Using SQL
Data Management Using Python
Programming for Data Engineering Using Python

Earn your certification today and prove your data engineering abilities beyond doubt.

Qualify for In-Demand Jobs in Data Engineering

DataCamp Certification is proof of best-in-class data skills. The result of in-depth research into exactly what it means to be a data engineer and the real-world skills that matter, our certification process is as rigorous as the industry itself.
The Data Engineer Associate Certification was built on a foundation of job market data. That means you're not getting a generic certification—you're gaining a certification that's designed to prove you have the in-demand skills required for today's data jobs.
Gain access to our exclusive DC Certified Community, where you'll find member-only events with industry leaders and resources aimed to help you succeed in a data career.

How to Prepare for Your Data Engineer Certification

If you're an advanced user of SQL, know your way around relational databases, and are comfortable programming in Python for data engineering tasks, you can begin the exams immediately.

Need a bit of hands-on practice first? We can help. Our range of courses, skill tracks, and career tracks cover the ins and outs of data management, including all the knowledge you'll need to pass the Data Engineer Associate Certification. Or, you can take advantage of our practice projects to hone your analytical abilities and polish your code slinging.

If you're feeling a little shaky using any of the required languages (or you're a new user), we can help with that too. Whether it's Python or SQL, DataCamp courses listed below can get you up to speed.

Our Data Engineer Assessment

Structured tests that help you demonstrate your data mastery before earning your certification.

Exploratory Analysis Theory
Data Management Theory
Data Management Using SQL
Data Management Using Python
Programming for Data Engineering Using Python

Data Engineering Courses to Help You Prepare

Focused courses covering the skills and technologies you'll need for DataCamp certification.

Understanding Data Engineering

Discover how data engineers lay the groundwork that makes data science possible. No coding involved!

2 hours
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