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Data Scientist Certification

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Show employers your analytical and technical prowess with DataCamp’s highly regarded Data Scientist certification: proof that you know how to wrangle data and uncover nuggets of business gold.

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Language: English
Programming languages: SQL, R/Python
Price: $25 per month (included in our Premium Subscription)
Professional Data Scientist Certification

About this Professional Certification

Master the job market just like you master data.

The opportunity to work for top employers in a growing field is just around the corner. With thousands of well-paid job openings for data scientists in the US alone, and a shortage of data professionals that runs into the hundreds of thousands, DataCamp’s Data Scientist certification can get you there faster.

Our certification process consists of timed exams focused on exploratory analysis, data management, model development, and statistical experimentation. You’ll also show our experts your data science programming abilities, how well you communicate your findings and analyses, and that you can adeptly use Python or R alongside SQL for data science tasks and processes.

Dubbed the ‘sexiest job of the 21st century’ by HBR, data scientists help business decision-makers jump from basic analysis to an ongoing conversation with data, one that yields the valuable insights companies need to compete.

Data Scientist Certificate

Loved by learners at thousands of companies

Prove Your Data Science Knowledge

You’ve taken the courses. You’ve mastered the skills. Now, prove your data science knowledge with DataCamp's industry-recognized certification. Our Data Scientist certification shows prospective employers you have what it takes to succeed as a data scientist. You’ll complete exams covering:

Data Management
Data Science Programming
Statistical Experimentation
Exploratory Analysis
Model Development

You’ll be assessed on your ability to use either Python or R to solve data science problems, and you’ll use either language to analyze a dataset in a practical exam and present your conclusions to DataCamp’s panel of evaluators.

Because our certification is focused on the skills employers are actively seeking, your ability to communicate your analyses is assessed, too. Earn your certification today and let your data science abilities and knowledge speak for themselves.

Qualify for In-Demand Jobs in Data Science

DataCamp certificates are proof of best-in-class data skills. The result of in-depth research into exactly what it means to be a data scientist and the real-world skills that matter, our certification process is as rigorous as data science itself.
The Data Scientist certification was built on a foundation of job market data. That means you’re not getting a generic certificate—you’re gaining a certification that’s designed to prove you have the in-demand skills required for today’s data jobs.
Gain access to our exclusive DC Certified Community, where you'll find member-only events with industry leaders and resources aimed to help you succeed in a data career.
If you’d like to start the search independently or just take a look at what jobs are out there today, sign up to DataCamp Jobs for a view of some of the most desirable jobs in the industry.

Take the Next Step in Becoming a Data Scientist

Demonstrate your knowledge base and technical know-how and gain a professional certification that showcases your data-wrangling expertise and abilities. DataCamp certified Data Scientists go on to work for leading companies across industries, and with a little guidance and support from our team, you can do the same.

To retain their competitive edge in an increasingly digitized landscape, organizations need to harness the power of big data. For that, they need people who know how to organize data, analyze it, and extract meaning from vast amounts of information.

Data is central to growth. It drives business decision-making, and its role cannot be overstated. Little wonder demand for data science professionals is growing by 37% every year.

A DataCamp Data Scientist certification is proof that you possess the technical abilities and data fluency needed to help businesses succeed, all while you succeed in your own career.

How to Prepare for Your Data Scientist Certification

If you're an advanced user of SQL, know your way around relational databases, and are comfortable using either Python or R for data science tasks, you can begin the exams immediately.

Need a bit of hands-on practice first? We can help. Our range of courses, skill tracks, and career tracks cover the ins and outs of data science, and all the technologies you’ll need to pass the Data Scientist certification. Or, you can take advantage of our practice projects to hone your analytical abilities and polish your code slinging.

And if you're feeling a little shaky using any of the required languages (or you’re a new user), we can help with that too. Whether it’s Python, R, or SQL, DataCamp courses can get you up to speed before your certification assessments.

Our Data Science Assessment

Structured tests that help you demonstrate your data mastery and earn certification.

Data Management
Data Science Programming
Statistical Experimentation
Exploratory Analysis
Model Development

Data Science Courses to Help You Prepare

Focused courses covering the skills and technologies you’ll need for DataCamp certification.

Data Science for Everyone

An introduction to data science with no coding involved.

2 hours
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Hadrien LacroixCurriculum Manager at DataCamp

Practice Your Data Scientist Skills

Put your best foot forward, polish your skills with DataCamp’s resources