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An Interview With Jo Hardin, author of Foundations of Inference

December 29th, 2016 in R Programming

Hey R fans! A new episode of DataCamp's DataChats video series is out! 

In this episode, we interview Jo Hardin. Jo is a Professor of Mathematics at Pomona College with many years of R experience.  She has a pure passion for education and has been working on the ASA’s undergraduate curriculum guidelines where she strongly advocated the infusion of data science into the undergraduate statistics curriculum.

Together with Nick, Jo talks about R's place in the stats curriculum, the role of technology in education, what advice she would give to people just starting in statistics, bootstrapping, and much more.

We hope that you enjoy watching this series and make sure you don’t miss any of our upcoming episodes by subscribing to DataCamp's YouTube channel!


Appreciated this interview, nice to be thinking about how education can be different .....
01/16/17 8:18 PM |