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Create Python Tutorials with DataCamp Teach

New feature on DataCamp Teach: create your own Python tutorials

At DataCamp, everybody can contribute to the online education community. That's why we added the possibility to add Python courses with DataCamp Teach. Check out these simple steps to get started with your own Python course:

  1. Go to If you haven't already, you'll be asked to log in to DataCamp and to link your DataCamp account to your GitHub account. That way, DataCamp can automatically convert course files on your GitHub repository into a DataCamp course.
  2. Think of a cool name for your course repository on GitHub, and fill it in the Course Creation window. Don't forget to select Python to create a Python course. 

    create Python tutorial

  3. A GitHub repository that represents a DataCamp course with some template Python exercises is being created for you. Automatically, a build is triggered to convert the course files into an actual DataCamp course. After a refresh, you will see something similar to this:

    If you click the title of the repository on the top left, you can check out the build details of your course. On the top right of the you can find links to the GitHub repository and the DataCamp course that corresponds to it.

  4. You can start building out your course! Whenever you make changes to the files in the GitHub repository, DataCamp Teach will notice and make the changes on your DataCamp course: your GitHub repo and your course are always in sync. 
  5. Need some more help to get started? The GitHub repository that has been built for you contains a README with more information. There's also the Teach Documentation to help you out. Feel free to send an email to if you run into problems.

By the way; we've been blogging about DataCamp Teach before, check out our previous blog post, Create your own R tutorials with GitHub & DataCamp!

Happy Teaching!