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Launching Our R Training Path

The R training path will take you from understanding the basics of R, over manipulating and visualizing your data with R, to doing big data.

Become a proficient R user in no time via DataCamp's newly launched guided R Training Path!

We're very excited to announce that we have just launched the R Training Path! This guided training path will take you from getting to know R, the leading open-source programming language in statistics and data science, over manipulation and visualization tools, to working with big data at your own pace. All courses are top-quality thanks to our partners such as RStudio and Revolution Analytics.

You can access all current and future R tutorials in the R Training Path by taking a monthly subscription plan of just $25. No contract or commitment, so you are free to pause or cancel whenever you want. Current R tutorials include data manipulation tools such as dplyr and data.table, visualizations with ggvis, and many more. Courses on R Markdown and the RStudio IDE will be launched soon.

The R Training Path will give you access to over 100 short videos and slides, and more than 400 interactive coding challenges. The online interactive learning platform offers a unique, hands-on learning experience, and doesn't require you to do any installation or set-up. Everything takes place in the comfort of your own browser.

Check it out.


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