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Fortune 1000 companies are using DataCamp to upskill their teams in the latest and most relevant data science skills. Start a free trial to upskill your team on everything from non-coding essentials for business to data science and machine learning, all taught by leading experts in the field.

Organizations are producing more data than they have ever before, and at great costs. The key to mining actionable insights from this data is by bridging the massive data skill gap and enabling teams to become more data-driven, faster.

DataCamp Professional helps teams quickly upskill on data science. Whether you’re an existing learner and want to upskill with a group, or you’re a leader looking to upskill your teams, with our new 14-day free trial, you’ll have plenty of time to try DataCamp’s hands-on learning-by-doing approach.

Data skills for teams of any size

DataCamp Professional is a great way to manage data science upskilling for teams of any size. As part of your free trial, you’ll have access to the following features:

  • Data skills for every role—with more than 350+ courses, 10+ assessments, and 80+ projects—covering the entire gamut of data skills, delivered by leading data scientists in industry and academia.
  • Learn By Doing approach that makes learning active and engaging. Your team will code and apply what they’re learning directly in their browser. This hands-on experiential approach is why DataCamp courses enjoy a 6x higher completion rate than any other course provider.
  • Showcase your team’s progress —with our comprehensive Learner Leaderboards and your team’s data skill matrix.
  • Assign learning goals tailored to your learning goals or choose from our premade learning paths.
  • Certify your data talent with DataCamp’s Data Science Certification.
  • Apply what you learned on your own data in a safe and secure sandbox—with DataCamp Workspace.

Get inspired—what can your team accomplish in two weeks?

You have 14 days to make the most of your DataCamp Professional free trial—what can you accomplish in 2 weeks? Here are some ideas to get you inspired: :

  • If this is your first time coding—get started with Introduction to Python and break the coding barrier.
  • Start a career or skill track—one of our 60+ pre-made learning paths that will help you become proficient in Data Science in Python, Data Analysis in R, and more!
  • Start applying your skills by taking a guided or unguided project
  • Create a Workspace report on your own data with some of the skills you learned
  • Share a data literacy course for your non-technical colleagues who are looking to get the intuition behind data science and machine learning
  • Read more about how organizations are learning with DataCamp—by looking at case studies of upskilling in action.

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