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Learn more about our four new Introduction to Stats courses and our modern approach to teaching statistics with the use of simulation and randomization.
DataChats is a show where we interview influential people in the data science community. This week: Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel.
In this applied finance course, you'll learn how to use R to develop a model to value a fixed interest rate bond, estimate and analyze a bond's yield, and much more!
This infographic shows the differences between Python web development and data science and how you can make the switch between the two.
DataCamp's newest course, "ARIMA Modeling with R", will make you an expert in fitting ARIMA models to time series data with R!
Learn all about our newest time series course: Introduction to Time Series Analysis!
This Python cheat sheet is a quick reference for NumPy beginners.
Try out our newest course, Object-Oriented Programming in R: S3 and R6!