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Five tips that you need to know to learn data science - from DataCamp subscribers.
In this statistics course, you'll learn more about multiple and logistic regression techniques and how to fit, predict, visualize and interpret these models.
Fear set theory no more! Learning all about unions, intersections, and except clauses through easy-to-understand diagrams and examples in our latest course!
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Python Seaborn Cheat Sheet

This Python Seaborn cheat sheet with code samples guides you through the data visualization library that is based on Matplotlib.
Continuing to bridge the gap between computers and human language this week with the launch of "Sentiment Analysis in R: The Tidy Way" by Stack Overflow Data Scientist Julia Silge!
Learn how to build a fake new classifier by yourself using Natural Language Processing techniques in Python! This course will teach you all the basic technique to process and parse text. Enjoy!
11 data science enthusiasts and professionals talk about why data science is so exciting to them.
They say that 80% of data has a spatial component. Everything happens somewhere. Learn to extract information from spatial data in our new course "Spatial Statistics in R"!