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Exploratory Data Analysis with swirl


This course contains all of the lessons from swirl's Exploratory Data Analysis Course. Here you will learn how to work with data sets and visualize them using powerful tools in R.

Intro to Exploratory Data Analysis

Three swirl lessons discussing basic principles of presenting data effectively and illustrating fundamental concepts of displaying analytical results.

Basic Plotting

Four exercises detailing the basic and lattice plotting systems, and how to introduce color into the plots.


These three lessons introduce and expand upon the foundations of the ggplot2 package. The first two exercises focus on qplot and ggplot and the final exercise introduces additional features of the ggplot2 package.

Clustering Techniques

Five exercises will inform you about clustering, a simple way of quickly examining and displaying multi-dimensional data. These techniques are usually most useful in the early stages of analysis when you're trying to understand the basic structure of the data.