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Data science courses

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Equity Valuation in R

Learn the fundamentals of valuing stocks.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagApplied FinanceUserClifford AngLearncourses

Fraud Detection in R

Learn to detect fraud with analytics in R.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagMachine LearningUserBart BaesensLearncourses

Bayesian Modeling with RJAGS

In this course, you'll learn how to implement more advanced Bayesian models using RJAGS.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagProbability & StatisticsUserAlicia JohnsonLearncourses

Practicing Statistics Interview Questions in R

In this course, you'll prepare for the most frequently covered statistical topics from distributions to hypothesis testing, regression models, and much more.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagProbability & StatisticsUserZuzanna ChmielewskaLearncourses

MLOps for Business

Learn about MLOps, including the tools and practices needed for automating and scaling machine learning applications.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagMachine LearningUserArne WarnkeLearncourses

Case Studies: Network Analysis in R

Apply fundamental concepts in network analysis to large real-world datasets in 4 different case studies.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagProbability & StatisticsUserTed HartLearncourses

Bayesian Regression Modeling with rstanarm

Learn how to leverage Bayesian estimation methods to make better inferences about linear regression models.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagProbability & StatisticsUserJake ThompsonLearncourses

Defensive R Programming

Learn defensive programming in R to make your code more robust.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagProgrammingUserColin GillespieLearncourses

Choice Modeling for Marketing in R

Learn to analyze and model customer choice data in R.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagProbability & StatisticsUserDataCamp Content CreatorLearncourses

Introduction to Anomaly Detection in R

Learn statistical tests for identifying outliers and how to use sophisticated anomaly scoring algorithms.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagProbability & StatisticsUserDataCamp Content CreatorLearncourses

Introduction to Data Visualization with Julia

Master data visualization in Julia. Learn how to make stunning plots while understanding when and how to use them.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagData VisualizationUserGustavo Vieira SuneLearncourses

Predicting CTR with Machine Learning in Python

Learn how to predict click-through rates on ads and implement basic machine learning models in Python so that you can see how to better optimize your ads.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagMachine LearningUserKevin HuoLearncourses

Optimizing R Code with Rcpp

Use C++ to dramatically boost the performance of your R code.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagProgrammingUserTeam ThinkRLearncourses

Introduction to Redshift

Master Amazon Redshift's SQL, data management, optimization, and security.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagData WarehouseUserJason MyersLearncourses

Data Manipulation in Julia

Master the essential skills of data manipulation in Julia. Learn how to inspect, transform, group, and visualize DataFrames using real-world datasets.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagData ManipulationUserKaterina ZahradovaLearncourses

Mixture Models in R

Learn mixture models: a convenient and formal statistical framework for probabilistic clustering and classification.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagProbability & StatisticsUserVictor MedinaLearncourses

Predictive Analytics using Networked Data in R

Learn to predict labels of nodes in networks using network learning and by extracting descriptive features from the network

ClockOver 3 hoursTagProbability & StatisticsUserBart BaesensLearncourses

Building Response Models in R

Learn to build simple models of market response to increase the effectiveness of your marketing plans.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagProbability & StatisticsUserDataCamp Content CreatorLearncourses

Scalable Data Processing in R

Learn how to write scalable code for working with big data in R using the bigmemory and iotools packages.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagProgrammingUserMichael KaneLearncourses

Probability Puzzles in R

Learn strategies for answering probability questions in R by solving a variety of probability puzzles.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagProbability & StatisticsUserPeter ChiLearncourses

Introduction to Optimization in Python

Learn to solve real-world optimization problems using Python's SciPy and PuLP, covering everything from basic to constrained and complex optimization.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagProgrammingUserJames ChapmanLearncourses

Responsible AI Data Management

Learn about responsible AI data management practices. Discover strategies covering all stages of an AI project to help you develop AI responsibly.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagArtificial IntelligenceUserMaria ProkofievaLearncourses

AWS Security and Cost Management

Master AWS security, governance, and cost optimization to prepare for the Cloud Practitioner certification.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagCloudUserDev BhosaleLearncourses

Introduction to Data Versioning with DVC

Explore Data Version Control for ML data management. Master setup, automate pipelines, and evaluate models seamlessly.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagMachine LearningUserRavi BhadauriaLearncourses

Data Transformation in Alteryx

Unlock Alteryx for data transformation, mastering Crosstab, Transpose, and workflow optimization in this interactive course.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagData ManipulationUserJoshua HonkenLearncourses