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Basic Statistics

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Course Description

This course complements course material from the University of Amsterdam's Basic Statistics at Coursera ( The Basic Statistics course is roughly based on the syllabus used by the department of Child Development and Educational Sciences at the University of Amsterdam (produced by A. van Maanen, A.A.J. van Peet, N. Borgers, E. Gebhardt, N. Lagerweij, R. Stoel, G. van de Wittenboer, F.J. Oort, P.J. Hoffenaar, and B.J.H. Zijlstra.)

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    The Basics of R


    This lab is about teaching enough R to start using it for statistical analyses.

    Play Chapter Now
    How it works
    100 xp
    Little arithmetics with R
    100 xp
    Documenting your code
    100 xp
    Variable assignment I
    100 xp
    Variable assignment II
    100 xp
    Back to Apples and Oranges
    100 xp
    Discover Basic Data Types
    100 xp
    What's that data type?
    50 xp
    Coercion: Taming your data
    100 xp
    Create a vector I
    100 xp
    Vectors II
    100 xp
    Selection by comparison I
    100 xp
    Selection by comparison II
    100 xp
    100 xp
    100 xp
    Dataframes: What's a data frame?
    100 xp
    Inspecting dataframes
    100 xp
    Constructing a dataframe yourself
    100 xp
    Indexing and selecting columns from a dataframe
    100 xp
    100 xp
    Selecting elements from a list
    100 xp

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