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Course Description

Welcome to the DataCamp family! You are about to begin creating a course that, in just a few months, will be available to over 3 million students worldwide! If you're new to eLearning, you'll soon learn that teaching an online course is very different from teaching in a classroom. But we're here to help! This course will provide a guide to the DataCamp Course Creation process; an introduction to the tools we use, including GitHub, Asana, and our very own course editor; and the different types of exercises and slides you can use, and how to make sure you're reaching students at the other end of the screen. While creating your course, you will find you have other questions, such as, "How will my course be marketed?", "How do I recommend other instructors to DataCamp?", or "When do I get paid?". This course will also provide you with direction on where to find answers to all your questions. Following this course, you should be familiar with the DataCamp Course Creation process and be ready to start your very own DataCamp course. Have fun and see you in the course!

  1. 1

    Our Process

    Are you interested in creating a DataCamp course, but not sure what exactly to expect? This introductory chapter will you give an overview of the different phases of course creation and the people you'll work with during each phase. You'll focus on the first two phases: course design and course development and meet Curriculum Leads and Content Developers, who will be your guides.

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    Welcome to DataCamp!
    50 xp
    Course specs
    50 xp
    Content Developers
    50 xp
    Course maintenance
    50 xp
    Course design
    50 xp
    Which parts require the course editor?
    50 xp
    Course design tasks
    100 xp
    Course development
    50 xp
    Who owns the course IP
    50 xp
    Instructor vs CD responsibilities
    100 xp
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    Tools We Use

    Before diving deep into pedagogy and the nitty-gritty details of DataCamp exercises, it's important to learn the values we hold ourselves and our instructors to when building a course, namely accountability, predictability, and transparency. Furthermore, it is vital to understand the tools we use, how they work, and how they support our values.

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    What Makes a Great Course?

    At DataCamp, we strive for quality in our content, our product, and our instructors. We do this by building our courses with a specific structure around learning objectives. We've built this structure so that our students get the best eLearning experience. We also know that this can be a challenge, so in this chapter, we provide a few tips and tricks on how to teach effectively on an eLearning platform.

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    Start Developing!

    Now that you know our tools and the tricks to making a great course, dive into the nitty-gritty of DataCamp courses. In this chapter, you'll learn about how to create videos and the different types of interactive exercises we support on our platform. You'll learn about the different parts of interactive exercises and the guidelines we follow to ensure our courses keep our students engaged. Lastly, you'll return to GitHub and learn about how it's used to get all the content from your videos and exercises reviewed to ensure it's top quality!

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    Course Launch and Beyond!


    Many things happen after a course has been designed and developed; namely, it must be launched! In this chapter, you will learn about the different aspects of course launch, the work that goes into a course following its launch, and importantly, how you will get paid for your course. If you have enjoyed creating a course, and want to make more DataCamp content, you will find out all we have to offer!

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Kelsey McNeillie Headshot

Kelsey McNeillie

Kelsey works with DataCamp's Instructor Community to maintain and improve relationships with current instructors. She also recruits highly qualified data industry professionals to develop courses, and assists the Content Team with projects as needed. Her main areas of expertise are Excel, SQL, Tableau, and turning anything into a table or bulleted list. Connect with her on LinkedIn!
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