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Data Visualization in R with lattice

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Deepayan Sarkar
Deepayan Sarkar

Deepayan is a Professor at the Indian Statistical Institute, and a member of R-Core. He is the creator of the lattice package, and the author of the corresponding book Lattice - Multivariate Data Visualization with R.


Tom Jeon Tom Jeon

Richie Cotton Richie Cotton

Course Description

Visualization is an essential component of interactive data analysis in R. Traditional (base) graphics is powerful, but limited in its ability to deal with multivariate data. Trellis graphics is the natural successor to traditional graphics, extending its simple philosophy to gracefully handle common multivariable data visualization tasks. This course will introduce the lattice package, which implements Trellis graphics for R, and illustrate its basic use.

1Basic plotting with lattice

2Conditioning and the formula interface

3Controlling scales and graphical parameters

4Customizing plots using panel functions

5Extensions and the lattice ecosystem