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Designing and Analyzing Clinical Trials in R

In this course you will gain an overview clinical trial designs, determine the numbers of patients needed and conduct statistical analyses.

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Course Description

Clinical trials are scientific experiments that are conducted to assess whether treatments are effective and safe. They are used by a variety of organizations, including pharmaceutical companies for drug development. Biostatisticians play a key role in ensuring the success of a clinical trial. In this course you will gain an overview of the important principles and a practical introduction to commonly used statistical analyses. This course would be valuable for data analysts, medical students, clinicians, medical researchers and others interested in learning about the design and analysis of clinical trials.

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    In this chapter you will be introduced to the important principles of clinical trials.

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    Data exploration
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    Patient characteristics
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    Types of data and endpoints
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    Exploration of continuous endpoints
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    Exploration of binary endpoints
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    Exploration of composite endpoints
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    Basic statistical analysis
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    Comparing means
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    Comparing distributions
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    Comparing proportions
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Acupuncture datasetFact datasetPK dataset


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Tamuno Alfred Headshot

Tamuno Alfred

PhD. Biostatistician

Tamuno Alfred is a biostatistician with experience in the pharmaceutical industry and in academia. She has worked on several clinical trials and epidemiological studies. Tamuno has an MSc in Medical Statistics and a PhD in Genetic Epidemiology.
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