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Exploring Pitch Data with R

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Brian M. Mills
Brian M. Mills

Brian Mills is an Assistant Professor at the University of Florida, with research interests encompassing quantitative and economic analysis in sport. He earned a PhD and MA in Sport Management, an MA in Statistics, and an MA in Applied Economics from the University of Michigan. Brian has been an active contributor to the Sabermetric community through blogging about analytics and teaching how to use R to analyze baseball data.


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Course Description

This course is a case study in baseball analytics, exploratory data analysis, and the R language. It introduces a rich baseball dataset from Major League Baseball's (MLB) Statcast system to develop skills in baseball analytics using the R language.

Throughout the course, you will use data on every pitch thrown by Zack Greinke during the 2015 MLB season. These data include information about pitch velocity, pitch type, pitch location, exit speed when the batter makes contact, the game situation (e.g. outs or ball-strike count), and the outcome of each pitch (e.g. strike, foul, home run, or walk).

By the end of the course, you will have a thorough understanding of the data and be able to create publication quality visuals to communicate what you have found.