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Introduction to Python & Machine Learning (with Analytics Vidhya Hackathons)

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Course Description

This course introduces basic concepts of data science, data exploration, preparation in Python and then prepares you to participate in exciting machine learning competitions on Analytics Vidhya.

  1. 1

    Introduction to Python for Data Analysis


    This chapter will get you started with Python for Data Analysis. We will cover the reasons to learn Data Science using Python, provide an overview of the Python ecosystem and get you to write your first code in Python!

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    Why learn Python for data analysis?
    50 xp
    Python 2.7 vs. Python 3.5?
    50 xp
    Python installation
    50 xp
    Run a few simple programs in Python
    100 xp
    Printing "Hello World!" in Python!
    100 xp
  2. 2

    Python Libraries and data structures


    In this chapter, we will introduce some of the most common data structures in Python to you and take you through some of the libraries we commonly use in data analysis.

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  3. 3

    Exploratory analysis in Python using Pandas


    We start with the first step of data analysis - the exploratory data analysis.

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  4. 6

    Expert advice to improve model performance


    This chapter will help to understand the approach of data science experts, "How they do approach a challenge?", "How to select a right algorithm?", "How to combine outputs of multiple algorithms?" and "How to select the right value of model parameter also known as parameter tuning?".

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What do other learners have to say?

I've used other sites—Coursera, Udacity, things like that—but DataCamp's been the one that I've stuck with.

Devon Edwards Joseph
Lloyds Banking Group

DataCamp is the top resource I recommend for learning data science.

Louis Maiden
Harvard Business School

DataCamp is by far my favorite website to learn from.

Ronald Bowers
Decision Science Analytics, USAA