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Filip Schouwenaars
Filip Schouwenaars

Data Science Instructor at DataCamp

Filip is the passionate developer behind several of DataCamp's interactive courses, covering both R and Python. Under the motto 'Eat your own dog food', he has used the techniques DataCamp teaches its students to perform data analysis for DataCamp. Filip holds degrees in Electrical Engineering and Artificial Intelligence.

Course Description

Labs for Introduction to R for Data Science.

  1. 1

    R: The true basics

    Interactive Exercises for R: The true basics.

  2. 2

    Basic Data Types

    Interactive Exercises for Basic Data Types.

  3. 3

    Create and name vectors

    Interactive exercises for Create and Name Vectors

  4. 4

    Vector Arithmetic

    Interactive Exercises for Vector Arithmetic

  5. 5

    Subsetting Vectors

    Interactive Exercises on Subsetting Vectors

  6. 6

    Create and name matrices

    Interactive exercises for Create and Name Matrices

  7. 7

    Subsetting Matrices

    Interactive exercises for Subsetting Matrices

  8. 8

    Matrix Arithmetic

    Interactive exercises for Matrix Arithmetic

  9. 9


    Interactive exercises for Factors

  10. 10

    Create and Name Lists

    Interactive Exercises on Create and Name Lists.

  11. 11

    Subset and Extend Lists

    Interactive Exercises on Subset and Extend Lists.

  12. 12

    Explore the Data Frame

    Interactive Exercises on Explore the Data Frame

  13. 13

    Subset, extend and sort your data frame

    Interactive Exercises on Subset, extend and sort your data frame

  14. 14

    Basic Graphics

    Interactive Exercises on Basic Graphics

  15. 15

    Customizing Plots

    Interactive Exercises on Customizing your plots

  16. 16

    Multiple plots

    Interactive Exercises on Multiple plots