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Course Description

Self-directed bootcamp for learning the basics of data manipulation with the tidyverse. We start with visualization and ask fun questions of the data.

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    The Magic of ggplot2


    Learn how ggplot2 turns variables into statistical graphics

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    Quick Data Frame Introduction
    100 xp
    Thinking about aesthetics
    100 xp
    Mapping variables to produce geometric plots
    100 xp
    More about aes
    50 xp
    Points versus lines
    100 xp
    Geoms are layers on a ggplot
    100 xp
    Quick review about ggplot2
    100 xp
    Final Challenge: Recreate this Gapminder Plot
    300 xp
    What you learned in this chapter
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Jessica Minnier Headshot

Jessica Minnier

Assistant Professor of Biostatistics at Oregon Health & Science University

Jessica is an Assistant Professor of Biostatistics in the OHSU-PSU School of Public Health at Oregon Health & Science University. Her statistical research interests include risk prediction with high dimensional data sets and the analysis of genetic and other omics data. She is passionate about teaching R and programming, reproducible research, and open science.
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Ted Laderas Headshot

Ted Laderas

Bioinformatics Developer and Assistant Professor at OHSU. Collaborative Informaticist and R/Data Science evangelist. Plays well with others.
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Devon Edwards Joseph
Lloyds Banking Group

DataCamp is the top resource I recommend for learning data science.

Louis Maiden
Harvard Business School

DataCamp is by far my favorite website to learn from.

Ronald Bowers
Decision Science Analytics, USAA