Ted Laderas
Ted Laderas

Instructor at DataCamp

Bioinformatics Developer and Assistant Professor at OHSU. Collaborative Informaticist and R/Data Science evangelist. Plays well with others.

Jessica Minnier
Jessica Minnier

Instructor at DataCamp

Biostatistician, Assistant Professor, OHSU

Instructor at DataCamp

Course Description

Self-directed bootcamp for learning the basics of data manipulation with the tidyverse. We start with visualization and ask fun questions of the data.

  1. 1

    The Magic of ggplot2

    Learn how ggplot2 turns variables into statistical graphics

  2. 2

    ggplot2 and categorical data

    More on plotting using ggplot2

  3. 3

    Introduction to dplyr

    Learn how to manipulate data into a ggplot2 friendly format

  4. 4

    The Whys and Hows of Tidy Data

    Why we need tidy data and using `tidyr` to make messy data tidy

  5. 5

    Simple Stats and Modeling with broom

    Now we have tidy data, let's start doing some statistics!