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Getting insights from your data shouldn’t be this hard… With DataLab it’s intuitive and fun for everyone.

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That easy? Yes.

Don’t take our word for it

A picture of Thierry Marot

DataLab is fantastic. Easy to use, powered with AI, quite an essential tool to perform data science daily tasks!

A picture of Thierry Marot

Thierry Marot, Architect in Geophysics Data Sciences

A picture of Liz Vassell

Easier to organise and view different files than with Jupyter Notebooks and runs my code more quickly than on my IDE.

A picture of Liz Vassell

Liz Vassell, Freelance Data Analyst

A picture of Karl Richard

It enables me to review my notebooks on the go and receives assistance from AI. Additionally, it comes with all the necessary modules pre-installed.

A picture of Karl Richard

Karl Richard, Fetal Medicine Specialist

A picture of Daniel Conrad

DataLab is nice and simple to use. It allows you to get use to the structure of how notebooks work for data analytics. Plus, the AI is helpful to get you started.

A picture of Daniel Conrad

Daniel Conrad, PeopleSoft Technical Developer

A picture of Len Kwok

Incredibly awesome, it really makes data science accessible and is so helpful when coding: we can just focus on analyzing results. Kudos DataLab!

A picture of Len Kwok

Len Kwok, Workplace Trainer Assessor

Dig into your data, wherever it lives

From CSV files and Google Sheets data to Snowflake and BigQuery: DataLab seamlessly and securely connects to all of your data sources.

DataLab’s AI Assistant scans the structure of your data, analyzes your previous activity and leverages industry best practices to answer your questions with best-in-class accuracy.

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Powered by code

Generative AI can make mistakes. To ensure that you can fully trust the insights you’re uncovering, DataLab’s AI Assistant writes and runs code that you can seamlessly review, tweak, and share.

Enterprise-grade security

DataCamp is ISO 27001:2017 certified and implements additional safeguards to secure your insights.

Encrypted data & credentials

Share work insights without exposing credentials or sensitive information. All data is encrypted at rest and in transit.

SSO and directory sync

Enjoy single sign-on via SAML or OIDC connections and sync your directory.

Control at various levels

Decide which users can take which actions within DataLab, and can access which workbooks and data assets.

Learn More About Security at DataLab

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