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Project: Exploring NYC Public School Test Result Scores
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    Photo by Jannis Lucas on Unsplash.

    Every year, American high school students take SATs, which are standardized tests intended to measure literacy, numeracy, and writing skills. There are three sections - reading, math, and writing, each with a maximum score of 800 points. These tests are extremely important for students and colleges, as they play a pivotal role in the admissions process.

    Analyzing the performance of schools is important for a variety of stakeholders, including policy and education professionals, researchers, government, and even parents considering which school their children should attend.

    # Start coding here... 
    import pandas as pd
    schools_df = pd.read_csv("schools.csv")

    Which schools produce the highest math scores?

    • Specifically, which schools have an average math SAT score of at least 80%?

    10 high schools in NYC attained average math SAT scores of at least 80% with the Manhattan holding majority of schools in group of 4, followed by 2 schools in Bronx and Queens, and singles in State Island and Brooklyn.

    Among the top 3, Stuyvesant High School in Manhattan had the highest average math SAT score, followed by Bronx High School of Science in Bronx and a close runner up, State Island Technical High School in State Island.

    best_math_schools = (
        schools_df[schools_df["average_math"] >= (0.8 * 800)]\
        [["school_name", "borough","average_math"]]

    Who are the top 10 schools based on average results across reading, math, and writing?

    The top 3 average math SAT scorers maintained their position across the board for reading, math and writing. As Bronx High School of Science and Staten Island Technical High School tie for position 2, Stuyvesant High School continued to secure its number 1 spot. Bard High School Early College at number 7 is a new entry which seemed to knock off New Explorations into Sciencem Technology and Math High School which held 9th position in the top average math scorers.

    schools_df["total_SAT"] = schools_df.iloc[:,3:6].sum(axis=1)
    top_10_schools = (
        .sort_values(by="total_SAT", ascending=False)

    Which NYC borough has the largest standard deviation for SAT results?

    The Manhattan borough had the largest standard deviation of SAT results of 230.28

    # Which NYC borough has the largest standard deviation for SAT results?
    largest_std_dev = (
        schools_df.groupby("borough", as_index=False)
             average_SAT=('total_SAT','mean'), \
             std_SAT = ('total_SAT','std'))