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Project: Analyzing Students' Mental Health in SQL
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  • Does going to university in a different country affect your mental health? A Japanese international university surveyed its students in 2018 and published a study the following year that was approved by several ethical and regulatory boards.

    The study found that international students have a higher risk of mental health difficulties than the general population, and that social connectedness (belonging to a social group) and acculturative stress (stress associated with joining a new culture) are predictive of depression.

    Explore the students data using PostgreSQL to find out if you would come to a similar conclusion for international students and see if the length of stay is a contributing factor.

    Here is a data description of the columns you may find helpful.

    Field NameDescription
    inter_domTypes of students (international or domestic)
    japanese_cateJapanese language proficiency
    english_cateEnglish language proficiency
    academicCurrent academic level (undergraduate or graduate)
    ageCurrent age of student
    stayCurrent length of stay in years
    todepTotal score of depression (PHQ-9 test)
    toscTotal score of social connectedness (SCS test)
    toasTotal score of acculturative stress (ASISS test)
    Unknown integration
    DataFrameavailable as
    SELECT stay,
    	ROUND(AVG(todep), 2) as average_phq,
    	ROUND(AVG(tosc), 2) as average_scs,
    	ROUND(AVG(toas), 2) as average_as
    FROM 'students.csv'
    WHERE inter_dom = 'Inter'
    GROUP BY stay
    ORDER BY stay DESC;
    This query is taking long to finish...Consider adding a LIMIT clause or switching to Query mode to preview the result.