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A brief look at Video Game Sales Worldwide
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    This dataset (source) contains records of popular videogames in North America, Japan, Europe and other parts of the world. Every video game in this dataset has at least 100,000 global sales. For every videogame, it contains the name of the videogame, the platform and year it was published, the genre, the publisher and some data about sales in different parts of the world. You can try multiple data science concepts on this dataset; some examples are given at the end.

    Load packages


    Load your Data

    data <- readr::read_csv('data/vgsales.csv.gz')

    View Data


    Data Dictionary


    RanknumericThe rank of the video game, determined by global sales
    NamecharacterThe name of the video game
    PlatformcharacterThe platform the video game was published on
    YearcharacterThe year the video game was published
    GenrecharacterThe genre of the video game
    PublishercharacterThe publisher of the video game
    NA_SalesnumericThe number of sales of the video game in North America
    EU_SalesnumericThe number of sales of the video game in Europe
    JP_SalesnumericThe number of sales of the video game in Japan
    Other_SalesnumericThe number of sales of the video game in other parts of the world
    Global_SalesnumericThe total number of sales of the video game

    Answer interesting questions

    Now you get to explore this exciting dataset! Can't think of where to start? Try your hand at these questions:

    • Games on what platform are the most popular?
    • What genre of games is the least popular in North America?
    • Are games that are popular in Japan also popular in Europe?
    • Plot the number sales of every publisher in function of time.