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Live Training: Green Businesses (Solutions) (copy)
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  • 2023-09-08 | Data Storytelling for Absolute Beginners: A Case Study with Green Businesses | Camilo Martinez

    Let's look into Datacamp's Workspaces.

    • They are like Jupyter notebooks... but better
    • You can load datasets and interact with them with python code directly or using AI.

    Let's look into a simple Exploratory Data Analysis exercise


    Let's load in a Dataset with the help of AI:

    "Please read the green-businesses dataset using python"

    Now let's count the number of green businesses:

    "Please count the number of entries in the greeen businesses dataset"

    Now we can try something more complex. It helps to know some of the concepts we reviewed in the presentation.

    "Please create a line plot that shows the evolution of the number of entries grouped by year"

    Another example. It is very useful to think about what meaningful groups we can create using the existing variables. In this case, the region variable.

    "Please create a horizontal bar plot of the number of entries in the dataset grouped by the region variable"

    Finally, don't hesitate to try more natural looking questions. This is where the power of language models shines:

    "Please tell me the most common type of green business according to the result variable."