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Introduction to Importing Data in Python
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  • Introduction to Importing Data in Python

    Run the hidden code cell below to import the data used in this course.

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    Add notes about the concepts you've learned and code cells with code you want to keep.

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    Explore Datasets

    Try importing the remaining files to explore the data and practice your skills!

    • datasets/disarea.dta
    • datasets/ja_data2.mat
    • datasets/L-L1_LOSC_4_V1-1126259446-32.hdf5
    • datasets/mnist_kaggle_some_rows.csv
    • datasets/sales.sas7bdat

    In the introductory video, Hugo also introduced the concept of a context manager. He showed that you can bind a variable file by using a context manager construct: with open('huck_finn.txt') as file:

    serialize = convert object to bytestream