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DCA #15DaysOfDataChallenge
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  • Datafest Africa #15DaysOfDataChallenge

    Day1 :

    Get up to 1000XP

    Day 2: Take the Analytics Fundamentals Assessments

    Day 3:

    Complete the Project : Analyze International Debt Statistics

    Day 4:

    Made 39% Progress on the course: Exploratory Data Analysis

    Day 5:

    Completed the Course: Exploratory Data Analaysis

    Day 6:

    Made 50% progress on the Course Working with Categorical Data in Python

    Day 7

    Completed the Course:

    Day 8

    Accumulated 2000XP

    Began the course, Introduction to Regression with Statsmodels in Python.

    Day 9

    Made progress on the course : Introduction to Regression with statsmodels in Python.

    Took the assessment on Data Visualization Theory

    DAY 10

    Continued on the course:

    Day 11

    Made Progress on the Introduction to Regression with Statsmodels in Python