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Competition - Global Wine Market
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    Global Wine Markets 2014 to 2016

    📖 Background

    With the end of year holidays approaching, many people like to relax or party with a glass of wine. That makes wine an important industry in many countries. Understanding this market is important to the livelihood of many people.

    You work at a multinational consumer goods organization that is considering entering the wine production industry. Managers at your company would like to understand the market better before making a decision.

    💾 The data

    This dataset is a subset of the University of Adelaide's Annual Database of Global Wine Markets.

    The dataset consists of a single CSV file, data/wine.csv.

    Each row in the dataset represents the wine market in one country. There are 34 metrics for the wine industry covering both the production and consumption sides of the market.

    import pandas as pd
    wine = pd.read_csv("data/wine.csv")

    💪 Challenge

    Explore the dataset to understand the global wine market. Your published notebook should contain a short report on the state of the market, including summary statistics, visualizations, and text describing any insights you found.

    ⚖️ Judging criteria

    The publications will be graded as follows:

    • [20%] Technical approach.
      • Is the approach technically sound?
      • Is the code high quality?
    • [20%] Visualizations
      • Are the visualizations suitable?
      • Can clear insights be gleaned from the visualizations?
    • [30%] Storytelling
      • Does the data underpin the narrative?
      • Does the narrative read coherently?
      • Is the narrative detailed but concise?
    • [30%] Insights and recommendations
      • How clear are the insights and recommendations?
      • Are the insights relevant to the domain?
      • Are limitations of the analysis recognized?

    In the event that multiple submissions have an equally high score, the publication with the most upvotes wins.

    📘 Rules

    To be eligible to win, you must:

    • Submit your response before the deadline. All responses must be submitted in English.

    Entrants must be:

    • 18+ years old.
    • Allowed to take part in a skill-based competition from their country. Entrants can not:
    • Be in a country currently sanctioned by the U.S. government.

    ✅ Checklist before publishing

    • Rename your workspace to make it descriptive of your work. N.B. you should leave the notebook name as notebook.ipynb.
    • Remove redundant cells like the judging criteria, so the workbook is focused on your work.
    • Check that all the cells run without error.

    ⌛️ Time is ticking. Good luck!