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    How to use the Workspace AI Assistant

    Use AI to write code

    • Click the cell below.
    • In the cell menu, click "AI".
    • In the text box that appears, type in "Create a map pointing to the Eiffel tower" and hit Enter.
    • In the cell menu, click "Accept & Run" to accept and run the suggested code.
    import folium
    # Coordinates of the Eiffel Tower
    eiffel_tower_coordinates = [48.8584, 2.2945]
    # Create a map centered around the Eiffel Tower
    map_eiffel_tower = folium.Map(location=eiffel_tower_coordinates, zoom_start=16)
    # Add a marker for the Eiffel Tower
    folium.Marker(eiffel_tower_coordinates, popup='Eiffel Tower').add_to(map_eiffel_tower)
    # Display the map

    Use AI to fix an error

    • Try to run the cell below. It errors!
    • Click "Fix and explain" to have the AI assistant fix the code and explain the mistake.
    3 + int('6')

    What to do next

    It's up to you now! How will you use your new AI Assistant?

    Looking for more prompts to try? The following tutorial has more: 10 Ways to Speed Up Your Analysis With the Workspace AI Assistant

    Looking for more datasets to explore? We have a bunch of datasets your new AI Assistant will love to explore!