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Competition - Everyone Can Learn Python Scholarship
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    Everyone Can Learn Python Scholarship

    📘 Rules

    To apply for the scholarship, you must:

    • Submit your details via the scholarship application form.
    • Submit your response to this problem before the deadline.

    All responses must be submitted in English.

    We recommend that you complete the Introduction to Python and Introduction to SQL courses on our website, as many of the skills and requirements in this competition are covered within.

    Entrants must be:

    • 18+ years old.
    • Enrolled in a secondary, tertiary, or graduate education program
    • Allowed to take part in a skill-based competition from their country.

    Entrants can not:

    • Have earned or attained a post-secondary degree in computer science, data science, data analytics or a related field of study.
    • Be in a country currently sanctioned by the US government.

    The challenge is only available in Python + SQL

    You can find the entry link here