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Experiment with the AI assistant
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    Experiment with the AI assistant

    Generative AI is coming to DataCamp Workspace! Go through this notebook to experience the AI-enabled functionality. In this example project, we'll be querying a database with unicorn company data to build a chart showing the countries with the highest amount in total funding.

    Get the data

    The first step is getting data. Rather than using SQL, we'll ask the AI assistant to generate the code for us!

    • Click on the SQL cell below and select "Unicorn Companies" in the dropdown in the cell header.
    • In the cell menu on the right-hand side, click on "Generate".
    • In the input field that appears, type "Get a list of companies (name, country, and funding)".
    • Hit Enter and see the code streaming in!
    • Accept the suggestion and run the SQL cell.
    Unknown integration
    DataFrameavailable as
    SELECT column_name
    FROM information_schema.columns
    WHERE table_name = 'your_table_name';
    This query is taking long to finish...Consider adding a LIMIT clause or switching to Query mode to preview the result.

    May the AI force be with you! 🤖