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Streamlined Data Ingestion with pandas
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  • Streamlined Data Ingestion with pandas

    Run the hidden code cell below to import the packages used in this course.

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    Add notes about the concepts you've learned and code cells with code you want to keep.

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    Explore Datasets

    Try using the prompt below to explore the data and practice your skills!

    There are three data files in the datasets/ directory of varying kinds: data.db (NYC weather and 311 housing complaints), fcc-new-coder-survey.xlsx ( FreeCodeCamp New Developer Survey response subset), and vt_tax_data_2016.csv (Vermont tax return data by ZIP code).

    Import each of these files into a format useful for data analysis in Python, such as specifying data types, handling bad or missing data, and parsing dates. You can also practice importing a specific portion of data from the data files (e.g., certain sheet(s) of an Excel worksheet or using SQL to filter a database on conditions).