Alexander A. Ramírez M.

CEO at Synergy Vision

Alexander is the CEO @ Synergy Vision which focuses on financial data science. He is a Computer Engineer from Universidad Simón Bolivar (USB) with 22 years of experience. He has corporate experience in telecom companies implementing Internet services and planning the expansion of the telecom network. Also worked at Banesco, one of the main banks in Venezuela, implementing mobile banking. He is currently the CTO at SynergyGB implementing mobile and web apps for Banks in Venezuela, Panamá, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. He is finishing a Masters in Random Models and he is working in a Doctorate in Mathematics at Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV). At Synergy Vision he provides services to Banks, Insurance companies and Brokerages. They offer training about trading, investments, finance, and risk and develop technology solutions like mobile and web apps for brokerages and also risk solutions for banks.

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