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Amy Yang

Senior Data Scientist at Uptake

Amy Yang is a Sr. Data Scientist at Uptake where she conducts industrial analytics and build prediction models to major industries and help them increase productivity, security, safety, and reliability. She began using R for simulation and statistical analysis during her study at the University of Pennsylvania where she received her MS degree in Biostatistics. She also teaches R programming and statistical courses for graduate students.
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Projects led by Amy Yang

What Your Heart Rate Is Telling You

Examine the relationship between heart rate and heart disease using multiple logistic regression.

GuidedData ManipulationData VisualizationProbability & StatisticsImporting & Cleaning Data
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Amy Yang

Senior Data Scientist at Uptake

Use logistic regression to determine which treatment procedure is more effective for kidney stone removal.

GuidedData VisualizationProbability & StatisticsCase Studies