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Shalini Kurapati

Co-founder, Clearbox AI

Shalini Kurapati is the co-founder of Clearbox AI, a synthetic data company for privacy preservation and data quality augmentation. Shalini has studied and researched the impact of technology on society and policy and specializes in transparency, privacy, and fairness issues across data life cycles and algorithms. She is a researcher, trainer, and speaker on these topics. Shalini is a Certified Informational Privacy Professional (Europe) covering data protection regulation in the EU, focusing on GDPR. In her free time, Shalini likes to explore the Piedmontese (Italy) mountains, food, and culture.
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Courses led by Shalini Kurapati

Introduction to Data Ethics

Explore data ethics with this comprehensive introductory course, covering principles, AI ethics, and practical skills to ensure responsible data use.

2 Hours
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Shalini Kurapati

Co-founder, Clearbox AI

Gain a clear understanding of GDPR principles and how to set up GDPR-compliant processes in this comprehensive course.

3 Hours