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Analyzing Carbon Footprints in SQL

Have you ever wondered about the carbon footprint of your jeans or soft drink? In this code-along, we’ll use SQL to explore product carbon footprints at companies like Levi’s and Coca-Cola. Understanding emissions along a product’s lifecycle is important to achieving the steep carbon reductions required to meet global carbon goals. Our dataset shows how product emissions have changed over the years, and which part of the product’s life is most problematic for the environment. Join us to use your SQL powers for planet earth!

Tuesday, August 9, 11:00 AM ET
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What will I learn?

You will learn how to:
  • Filter data to spotlight information of interest
  • Calculate metrics to summarize data 
  • Analyze and visualize data changes over time

What should I prepare?

We will be using DataCamp Workspace. Other than a DataCamp account, you don’t need anything. If you are part of specific enterprise groups, you may not yet be able to use DataCamp Workspace. You can create a free DataCamp account with your personal email address to follow along.

Who should attend?

We recommend that you have taken the following course before attending:

  • Introduction to SQL
  • Intermediate SQL Queries

Presenter Bio

Izzy Weber Headshot

Izzy Weber

Curriculum Manager

Izzy is a Curriculum Manager at DataCamp. She discovered a love for data during her seven years as an accounting professor at the University of Washington. She holds a master's degree in Taxation and is a Certified Public Accountant. Her passion is making learning technical topics fun.
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