Unguided Project Code-along

Analyzing Password Strength in Python

Join us for this live code-along session where we will work through possible solutions to an unguided project, Analyzing Password Strength in Python. We will manipulate strings in pandas DataFrames and write regular expressions to code a script that analyzes logins and flags bad passwords.

Tuesday, September 22, at 11:00 AM EDT, 4 PM BST
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What will I learn?

You will learn how to:
  • Manipulate strings in pandas DataFrames
  • Use boolean indexing in pandas DataFrames
  • Write regular expressions for different string requirements
  • Compare strings between multiple DataFrame columns

What should I prepare?

There’s no installation or download needed, you can work on the unguided project right in your browser before and during the live code-along. Please note a Premium DataCamp account is required to access this project.

Who should attend?

This live code-along is open to all DataCamp Premium learners, looking to expand their data manipulation skills as learned in the Data Manipulation in Pandas course. We recommend that you have taken the following course before attending: We recommend that you have taken the following course before attending:

Presenter Bio

Lis Sulmont Headshot

Lis Sulmont

Workspace Architect

Lis is the Workspace Architect at DataCamp. She holds a Master's degree in Computer Science from McGill University with a focus in computer science education research and applied machine learning. Lis is passionate about teaching all things related to data and improving the accessibility of these topics.
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