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Analyzing a Time Series of the Thames River in Python

Time series data is everywhere, from watching your stock portfolio to monitoring climate change, and even live-tracking as local cases of a virus become a global pandemic. In this live code-along, you’ll work with a time series that tracks the tide levels of the Thames River. You’ll first inspect the data visually, and then perform calculations on the dataset to generate some summary statistics. Next, you’ll decompose the time series into its component attributes. You’ll end with a taster of time series forecasting.

Tuesday, Oct 11, 11 am ET
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What will I learn?

You will learn how to:
  • Inspect a time series visually to obtain a high level understanding of the dataset
  • Decompose a time series into its constituent attributes
  • Begin a time series forecast to predict future tide levels of the River Thames

What should I prepare?

We will be using DataCamp Workspace. Other than a DataCamp account, you don’t need anything. If you are part of specific enterprise groups, you may not yet be able to use DataCamp Workspace. You can create a free DataCamp account with your personal email address to follow along.

Who should attend?

We recommend that you have taken the following course before attending:

  • Data Manipulation with pandas

Presenter Bio

Maham Khan Headshot

Maham Khan

Senior Data Science Content Developer

Maham is a Senior Data Science Content Developer at DataCamp, on a mission to make data skills accessible for everyone. Before joining DataCamp, she worked as a Data Scientist at the World Bank, exploring applications of data science for disaster risk reduction, poverty alleviation and climate change mitigation. She has a background in Experimental Psychology and Philosophy from the University of Oxford, and Urban Data Science from New York University.
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