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Analytical daredevil, fearlessly diving into the abyss of data complexity.

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Wellcome Trust | Oct 2021 - Sep 2023

Graduate Trainee

Wellcome Trust (2021 – 2023) London, United Kingdom - Graduate scheme, across four rotations, funding science to solving the most urgent health challenges. Research Manager: Infectious Disease Mar 2023 – Sep 2023 • Insights and Recommendations: Expanded the possible impact of Wellcome’s funding by authoring a landscaping report on how Wellcome can support the Asian Regulatory system and thereby improve access to medicines. • Project Design: Co-designed an international workshop bringing together insights from global scientific communities. Data Analyst: Research Funding Sep 2022 – Mar 2023 • Data Automation: Developed an accurate and well-documented method of answering external data requests by redesigning six SQL scripts into semi-automated Jupyter notebooks. • Data Innovation: Increased the Data teams’ access to internal data by co-developing the first four Python functions capable of collecting data from all internal databases. • Data Communication: Increased internal data awareness by evaluating whether five external data sources were suitable for landscaping and communicated my findings to both technical and non-technical colleagues. Data Scientist: Data Digital Mar 2022 – Sep 2022 • Internal User Requirements: Recorded the needs of users as part of user testing sessions and translated these requirements into an internal funding search tool. • Measures of Performance: Discovered and presented new metrics to measure the performance of newly developed internal search engines. • Multidisciplinary Collaboration: Improved the efficiency of internal colleagues matching system by leveraging the skills of different data experts to create a semi-automated pairing tool.
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Tower Hamlet Homes | Dec 2020 - Aug 2021

Graduate Trainee Business Analyst

Charityworks (2020 – 2021) London, United Kingdom - Graduate scheme: Using data performance to drive the performance of Tower Hamlet Homes Income Team. Business Analyst: Tower Hamlet Homes Dec 2020 – Aug 2021 • Data Insights and Recommendations: Improved resident satisfaction by analysing and presenting data from deaf/hard-of-hearing residents and suggesting innovative solutions to meet their needs. • Data Reporting: Encouraged team performance by using Business Objects to analyse and distribute the Income Team’s monthly performance figures. • Excel Visualization: Expanded the reporting capabilities of external teams by translating colleagues needs into bespoke excel dashboards to capture performance data.

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Intergrated Masters of Biology in Life Sciences University of Southampton | 2020

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