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An Nguyen

An Nguyen

Business Intelligence Analyst

Synergy Underground Utilities | Viet Nam


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Intermediate SQL Queries


Joining Data in SQL

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Synergy Group of Companies | Aug 2023 - Present

Business & Finance Operations Analyst


HP | Mar 2023 - Jun 2023

Business Analyst

- Responsible for analysing data to identify specific trends and the flag/s of the system in terms of what is working and what needs improvement - Identified trends related to customers with counterfeit products requiring customer service - Prioritized and answered internal request for customers in an accurate and timely manner to keep successfully running the business - Built innovative dashboards to find insights about customer suspicious activities - Provided excellent customer service, and collaborated with other business areas to achieve the business’ goals in savings for counterfeit merchandises
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Huawei | Jan 2022 - Jan 2023

Business Intelligence Analyst

- Responsible for verifying the accuracy of information enter into the PSI system before creating dashboards and analysing data - Performed the ETL process using the customer’s reports and uploaded the transformed data to the Huawei system (PSI) - Guaranteed the quality of the info uploaded to the PSI in order to keep a steady and fast financial settlement - Effectively automated and updated the PSI Dashboard report for Open Market KAM’s and Managers to make fastest informed decisions - Developed a new dashboard for Open Market’s Market Share data in order to identify the trends and the main variables that affected Huawei position in Colombia’s Electronic Device Market - Identified the reasons why the inventory rate had a different behavior according to the customer’s business model

EBSA - Empresa de Energía de Boyacá | Dec 2020 - Jan 2022

Control Management Professional

- Financial modelling of energy projects. - Data analysis of electric energy market in Colombia to identify trends and mitigate risks of new energy solutions. -Automatize processes related to the management and financial risk control. - Build dashboards and KPI’s to measure the performance of processes, areas, or customers. - Document different marketing processes defining controls, measures, and risk customers assessment. - Execute SOX internal audit process (specific processes).

Redeban | Jun 2019 - Jun 2020

Settlement Analyst II

- Lead the proposals for changes in the financial settlement model for new products. - Analyze the settlement indicators and Automate processes related to settlement between franchises and banks. - Review transactional data of debit cards in order to identify differences and consumer patterns that could affect the settlement process. - Requirement gathering for new products related to the settlement process. - Document different processes associated to the creation of new reports or products to the clients. - Create the formula of Redeban´s commission in new products, including taxes and other type of charges. - Generate KPI’s to study the behavior in ATM and POS transactions. - Represent the Settlement Chief in new developments meetings and projects.

Banco Agrario de Colombia | Jan 2018 - Jan 2019

Professional I

- Lead the IFRS 15 special team in the collection, storage and analysis of commissions contracts. - Collect information on commissions contracts and identify the behavior of the bank’s income from the signing of the contract to the date of analysis. - Define KPIs to measure the IFRS 15 team data storage and track their performance weekly. - Deliver a technical document about of the definition of the Agrarian Bank of Colombia’s commission contract model. - Elaborate a paper about the pricing in NIIF 15 contract specific case scenario. - Update, automate and document the KPI’s control process in the Financial Valuation Management. - Analyze the bank’s financial results and make a presentation explaining the bank’s income and cost behavior.

TransUnion | Aug 2017 - Jan 2018

Local Product Analyst

- Identify new business opportunities based on customer inquiries. - Build and index in order to measure and predict the Colombian financial market behavior. - Compare data of previous years and report the trends in the financial market. - Develop requirement elicitations for new products. - Document troubleshooting processes for current products and new ones.

oOh! | Jul 2016 - Jan 2017

Brand Ambassador

- Identified interested and qualified customers in order to provide them with additional information. - Suggested specific product purchases to meet customers' need. - Learned about competitor's products consumer' interest and concerns in order to answer questions and provide more complete information - Recommended product or service improvement to employers. - Carried out sales promotions and merchandising of company's product. - Engaged with customers in a sincere and friendly manner in order to maintained good relationship with them.

Banco de Bogota | Feb 2015 - Jun 2016

Credit Analyst

false profiles. - Analyze new trends on false profiles according to the economic and political conjunction. - Report, explain and train the Credit Office about the technics and main suspect’s profiles in order to avoid frauds. - Recover 25.000 USD from a loan that was approved for a false profile.

Praco Didacol S.A. | Dec 2013 - Jun 2014


Assess financially and economically the environmental impact of the electric taxi Project in Bogota

My Education

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Postgradute Diploma, Finance and Financial Management Services  · (OctoberUniversidad Nacional de Colombia | 2020
Postgraduate Diploma, Business/Office Automation/Technology/Data EntryUniversidad Nacional de Colombia | 2020
Economist, EconomicsEscuela Colombiana de Ingeniería 'Julio Garavito' | 2014

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