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Anantha Bhanumithra Gudimella

Anantha Bhanumithra Gudimella


University At Buffalo | India


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Introduction to SQL

Data guardian, protecting the integrity and privacy of valuable information.

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Intermediate SQL Queries


Introduction to SQL


Intermediate SQL


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Analyze International Debt Statistics

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SmartEvals, GAP Technologies, Inc. | Feb 2023 - May 2023

Management Consultant Fellowship

• Transformed low course evaluation survey response rates by developing and implementing a comprehensive product roadmap. Conducted customer surveys, analyzed data, and identified barriers to participation. Achieved a remarkable 25% increase in University responses and 20% increase in community college responses, surpassing industry benchmarks. Resulted in more comprehensive evaluation of courses and student experiences. • Led thorough requirement gathering and literature surveys to gain deep insights into the challenges. Leveraged research findings to develop data- driven solutions, resulting in a 30% increase in survey participation and a 40% reduction in non-response bias. Implemented effective strategies for enhanced decision-making and program improvements based on representative feedback datasets. • Played a key role in the successful launch of a product to increase course evaluation survey completion rates. Collaborated with stakeholders to finalize the solution and developed a functional prototype incorporating key enhancements. Achieved a remarkable 50% increase in survey completion rates within the first month, providing valuable data for evaluating course quality and enhancing the overall learning experience.
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Explore & More - The Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Children's Museum | Sep 2022 - Dec 2022

Project Management Consultant

• Designed and implemented an innovative Salesforce Education Event Form, resulting in a 50% reduction in data duplication. This strategic initiative improved data presentation efficiency by 60%, saving over 40 hours of work per week. • Partnered with cross-functional teams to manage user stories via Jira, and employed Gantt charts for precise progress tracking, guaranteeing timely delivery of client requirements. • Boosted communication flow and minimized potential errors by 25% through the creation of detailed project documentation, enabling smoother transitions and better team coordination. • Streamlined reporting and decision-making processes by developing dashboards and reports to visualize event occurrences and participant information, enhancing overall project transparency.

Cognizant | Aug 2021 - Aug 2022

Associate - project

• Spearheaded cross-functional teams to successfully implement workflow optimizations, which mitigated errors by 20% and yielded over $100K in annual cost savings. • Enhanced team productivity by introduction of Agile methodologies, fostering collaboration and a cohesive team environment. • Expedited issue resolution and reduced average cycle time by identifying and addressing critical task dependencies, leading to the swift closure of over 70 tickets. • Orchestrated the migration of data from IBM Notes databases to PowerApps, Power BI, and SharePoint platforms. This seamless transition decreased application maintenance costs by 60%, translating to an annual savings of $1.2M for the company. • Developed and executed comprehensive end-user training plans to facilitate the successful adoption of new platforms, resulting in a productivity increase of 40%. • Maintained clear communication of project milestones to stakeholders through the creation of meticulous Business Requirement Documents and Deployment documents, ensuring everyone was aligned and informed.

IBM | Jan 2021 - Aug 2021

Software Developer

My task was to develop fresh Notes applications for Kyndryl. My work includes - 1. Building the necessary database and new server for Kyndryl. 2. Examining and testing the new DBs to look for problems with their functionality. 3. Improvements to the databases that the product owners have requested. 4. Assistance with UAT. 5. Produce test materials for owners to use in UAT testing. 6. Product Launch.

DynPro, Inc. | Jan 2021 - Aug 2021

Software Developer

• Guided a 5-member team, steering the development and deployment of 12 integrated applications for Kyndryl. This effort streamlined document processing for over 100K employees, demonstrating adept resource coordination and strategic project planning. • Boosted customer satisfaction rates by 8% by collaborating with product owners. Successfully documented and implemented 60 enhancements to IBM Notes applications in JIRA, thereby showcasing adept stakeholder management and strong negotiation skills. • Championed the implementation of the Scrum framework, facilitating daily stand-ups, sprint planning, and retrospective sessions. This leadership led to a productivity surge of 30% and punctual delivery of 12 projects within a year, underlining strong team leadership and time management abilities. • Fostered robust stakeholder communication, managed expectations, and mediated conflicts throughout the product development cycle. Achieved a stakeholder satisfaction rating of 95%, evidencing excellent interpersonal and conflict resolution skills. • Engineered an Excel application leveraging macros and other functionalities, expediting the migration process from IBM to Kyndryl by 60%. This achievement demonstrates proficiency in technical project management and a problem-solving mindset.

Tata Consultancy Services | Jul 2017 - Sep 2020

Application Developer

• Led daily scrum meetings for six diverse teams, maintaining active oversight on over 50 project activities. Proactively resolved roadblocks, improving overall workflow efficiency by 17% as reflected in Azure Board progress tracking. • Developed thorough end-to-end project documentation, including Business Requirement Documents, SoUs, Use Cases, UAT Test Documents, and Deployment plans. This meticulous documentation received an average approval rating of 95% from key stakeholders, underscoring its clarity and completeness. • Spearheaded the development and design of robust software architectures across more than 15 projects, resulting in a marked 25% improvement in system performance. • Executed comprehensive requirement analyses and provided viable solutions, leading to a 7% reduction in development costs. Expertly addressed complex client application challenges, deploying innovative solutions that improved effectiveness by 80%. • Created comprehensive end-to-end documentation for multiple projects, including Business Requirement Documents, SoUs, Brief Use Cases, UAT Test Documents, Action Plans and Deployment documents with an average approval rating of 95% from stakeholders.

4semi Technology India Pvt Ltd | Jun 2015 - Jul 2015

Electronic Design Intern


My Education

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University at Buffalo School of Management, The State University of
Master of Science - MS, Management Information Systems, Product ManagementNew York | 2023
Bachelor of Technology, Electronics & CommunicationManakulaVinayagar Institute of Technology | 2017
High School, Biology, GeneralPetit Seminaire Higher Secondary School | 2013
Matriculation, general sciencePetit Seminaire Higher Secondary School | 2011

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