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Polina Merbaum

Polina Merbaum


Erasmus MC, Rotterdam


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Erasmus MC | Sep 2020 - Aug 2022

Research Intern

Current project: validation of cell-free DNA detection as a method in neurodegeneration research. Our research group will establish biomarkers based on methylation patterns of cell-free DNA derived from various brain regions which might be used as evaluation tools in such disorders as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, or frontotemporal dementia. Main skills: Extraction and quantification of cell-free DNA via various commercial kits available (Norgen kit, Qiagen kit for purification, DeNovix and Qubit HS dsDNA kit for quantification); Bisulfate conversion with Zymo kit; Primer and probe design with MethPrimer, BiSearch; Methylation-specific qPCR; Data Analysis in Excel, Python; Literature search; Presentation at scientific conferences; Scientific writing - thesis defense, articles; Communication within the research group.
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I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University | Jan 2019 - Aug 2020

Clinicl Researcher

Postgraduate research student at the neurological department of Sechenov University. The current study is dedicated to the search of outcome prognostic factors in patients with migraine and medication overuse headache (MOH). The main focus is on addiction to symptomatic drugs and dependence behavior traits. The first result of this study was published at the 14th European Headache Federation Congress "Head over Ache: Silver Lining Novel Treatments", June 29 – July 02, 2020

I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University | Jan 2017 - Jan 2019

Resident Doctor

Working as a neurologist at the Department of Algology and Peripheral Nerve Disease in Clinic of Neurology, Sechenov University, Moscow. Main responsibilities: Analysis of anamnesis vitae and anamnesis morbi; Physical examination; Diagnostic procedures, including lumbar puncture; Treatment prescription and follow-up; Invasive treatment - nerve block anesthesia; Medical documentation.

My Education

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Master's degree, Neuroscience in NeuroscienceErasmus University Rotterdam | 2022
Human Medicine - Neurology in NeurologyПервый Московский Государственный Медицинский | 2019
Doctor of Medicine - MD, General Medicine in GPУниверситет им. И.М. Сеченова (Первый МГМУ) | 2017

About Me

Polina Merbaum

Research intern at Erasmus MC, with a research topic in molecular biology of neurodegeneration, a medical doctor of neurology. Wants to apply her knowledge at a bioscience company or a research institution. Ambitious, curious, and a team player.

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