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Hypothesis Testing in Python

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Data Analyst Associate

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Project: Analyzing Online Sports Revenue


When Was the Golden Age of Video Games?


Analyzing NYC Public School Test Result Scores


Optimizing Online Sports Retail Revenue


Consolidating Employee Data


Analyzing Crime in Los Angeles


Project: Analyze International Debt Statistics


Project: Inspecting Electric Vehicle Charging Trends


Project: What's in an Avocado Toast: A Supply Chain Analysis


Project: Hypothesis Testing with Men's and Women's Soccer Matches


Project: Analyzing Students' Mental Health in SQL


Project: Visualizing the History of Nobel Prize Winners


Project: Investigating Netflix Movies


Project: Getting a Good Night's Sleep


Project: Exploring NYC Public School Test Result Scores


Project: Hypothesis Testing in Healthcare


Project: Analyzing Motorcycle Part Sales


Project: Analyzing Unicorn Companies


Project: Analyzing Crime in Los Angeles

My Certifications

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Data Analyst


Data Analyst


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DataCamp Associate Data Analyst

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My Work Experience

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Siemens Energy Nigeria Limited | Apr 2023 - Jul 2023

On-Site Logistics Supervisor-Support

• Achieved a remarkable 2% missing or damaged tool record by ensuring accurate equipment and tool inventory management. • Monitored consumables, spare parts, and tool inventory levels and recommended timely orders for replenishing supplies, leading to a 15% improvement in efficient resource utilisation. • Contributed to enhanced accountability and cost control by conducting equipment and tool audit, achieving a 5% reduction in project costs. • Influenced resource allocation by analyzing audit reports and making data-driven decisions regarding the quantity of tool and equipment required on-site, resulting in a 30% reduction in excess inventory.
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Manta Ray Energy Limited | Feb 2019 - Apr 2023

Project Safety Engineer

• Provided technical support, ensuring project teams realized safety objectives and full compliance with regulations, resulting in an impeccable safety record with zero accidents, LTIs, and fatalities. • Led Hazard Identification (HAZID) processes and 5 by 5 rule Job Safety Analyses (JSA), fostering a practical approach to hazard mitigation and increasing awareness of job risks and hazards across projects. • Exemplified safety leadership by ensuring proper provision and use of personal protective equipment (PPE) for on-site personnel, resulting in a significant 30% improvement in adherence to safety measures. • Exhibited commitment to data-driven safety practices by publishing HSE statistics, updating safety objectives and policies, and ensuring alignment with industry best practices and regulations, fostering a culture of safety excellence across diverse projects.

M and J Foods Limited | Oct 2017 - Feb 2020

Data Analyst/Budget Control

• Prepared monthly and weekly financial cash flows and profitability analyses, contributing to over 50% improvement in forecasting accuracy. • Employed analytical techniques to identify trends, patterns, correlations, and anomalies in the data. Enhanced data-driven decision-making with a 65% improvement in seasonality and trend identification. • Developed a production cost forecasting template and sales data analysis using MS Excel and Power BI, resulting in improved accuracy in revenue and sales tracking. • Ensured accurate and timely collection, entry, and transformation of data, effectively managing missing data and outliers, and enhanced communication effectiveness by creating clear and informative data visualizations for non-technical stakeholders.

Indorama Ventures Packaging Limited | Oct 2015 - Oct 2017

Production Clerk

• Performed data collection and entry, effectively gathering and storing daily machine, operations, and production data, resulting in a 75% reduction in data entry errors and the creation and storage of comprehensive production reports. • Maintained daily and monthly inventories, providing reports on raw materials, stored products, production processes, and machine data, leading to a substantial 20% improvement in production efficiency and cost-effectiveness. • Demonstrated technical expertise in data storage structures, data mining, and data cleansing. Enhanced data integrity and usability, leading to an increase in informed decision-making across the organisation. • Collaborated closely with senior operations personnel, providing valuable support in the analysis and interpretation of production data.

Total Energies Nigeria | Sep 2013 - Feb 2014

Process Engineer Intern

• Played a crucial role in supporting production and providing essential process assistance, contributing to an impressive 20% increase in operations efficiency. • Conducted site visits to the Obagi Flow Station (OFS) and the Obite Gas Plant (OGP), assessed modifications, and successfully participated in impactful changes during the OFS upgrade, resulting in improved plant performance and safety. • Applied a diverse range of analytical tools, including PFDs, P and IDs, ESD logic diagrams, PROII, Triconex, and more, to rigorously analyze processes and recommended innovative solutions for optimizing plant performance, resulting in operational improvements • Analyzed process, hazard, and operational issues through the site modification requests (SMR) form, facilitating targeted solutions, while providing essential process documentation to various departments and contributing to a notable 30% improvement in cross-functional collaboration and informed decision-making.

My Education

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Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical EngineeringUniversity of Port Harcourt | 2015

About Me

Asher Isoma

Hey there! I'm a detail-oriented data analyst proficient in Python, SQL, Excel, Power BI, and Tableau, with a knack for turning data into actionable insights. I thrive on deciphering complex datasets and creating compelling visualizations. Holla!!

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